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A Third Dimensional Body in Fourth Dimensional Energy

I have finally decided to stop fighting what is. Miracles never cease! When we were in primarily third dimensional energy and I could eat just about anything without ill effects. Not in Kansas anymore! The fourth dimensional energies pouring onto Earth at this time are requiring major adjustments in my diet – all good, of course, just not what my mind would like. Apparently I am not alone in this dilemma if what is lining the grocery store isles is any indication of what folks are eating these days – organic, local, gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, etc. My higher self rejoices at my choice to honor my body’s wisdom, after all it has only been suggesting such changes for years. So now before it goes in my mouth, I ask if it is in harmony with what my body needs. The more I do this, the more I know even before I ask and the more my desire for what nourishes me grows.

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