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What Is Easy?

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What Is Easy?

You think it is difficult to stay in one place
for a lifetime
with no choice to move around.
I tell you that staying in one place is easy
compared to choosing.
The wind blows and there is no choice
to stay or take cover, we will stay.
Those of you with legs and fins and wings
fill your days with choices of which path to take
and how to stay safe.
We watch you with interest
in what makes you go this way or that.
Is it the scent or color,
or your memory of the last time you were here?
Perhaps for the fox or the hawk decision is simple.
Humans, however, make nothing simple.
Worrying over past choices and
vacillating on the current ones,
the mind confuses the heart that knows
which way to go.
We can offer advice from our sedentary lives –
quiet yourself and come into the moment.

The answers always come from the silence
not from chatter or frantic movement.

                                                                        Linda Heron Wind

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