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New Moon Rising—Reclaiming the Sacred Rites of Menstruation

It is the voice which values relationships and connection to all things in the circle of life. This voice comes from the deepest parts of our beings, those parts that know Earth as Mother, Moon as Grandmother, and the plants and animals as our brothers and sisters. It speaks to all women as our sisters and to all men as our brothers, and it calls us to re-member our wholeness and our holiness.

Grandmothers of the Wind—Menopause, Wisdom and Power

Millions of women from the sixty’s generation are embarking on a journey through menopause. These women worked hard to gain power and value as women in our society. Will they also learn to keep their power as moonpause women? Will they transform how their society thinks about older women and restore the wise women to their place of power within our culture? Will they insist on nurturing for all the children? Will they bring love and harmony to all Earth’s children? Will they bring love and harmony to all Earth’s children? Will they say what they know to be true without fear?

Menopause is an initiation into wisdom. Grandmothers of the Wind calls you to make the journey, accept the challenge, claim your wisdom, and give it back as a gift to your community and world.

Love is Who I Am—A Sacred Haiku Journey Into the One Heart

HAIKUI began writing haiku poetry in 1999 after my morning meditation and sometimes in the evening as a way of recording the essence of my meditiations, dreams, and waking days. The journey over this time has been powerful for me and I offer some of the haikus that I wrote over that time to you as inspiration for your journey. They continue to inspire me as I re-read them and remember who I am. Since we are all one, who I am is who you are and so it becomes an achetypal journey into the one heart we all share.

Let us meet and dance together in the One Heart!

(Available as a pdf download)

Heron’s Wisdom – A Collection of Inspirational Articles and Stories

Over 15 years Linda Heron Wind has written articles and short stories to inspire seekers on the spiritual journey. This book is a collection of those timeless pieces of wisdom.

(Now available as pdf download and on Amazon Kindle)

Dancing to the Music of the Spheres – Mystery School Workbook Series

Spiraling Into the Center—Exploring the Universe from the Inside Out

As we learn to navigate this new millennium we can no longer be focused only in the third dimension. We are so much larger than just the physical bodies with which we have learned to identify. It is time to remember what we knew before we came to Earth—we are all magnificent beings and we exist on many levels simultaneously.

There must be a shift in perspective with which we view ourselves, each other, and the Earth herself if we are to continue to live on this sweet planet. Each of us can make that shift by looking deeply within to discover who we really are. Learning to understand our emotions and thoughts as part of the energy body and to more consciously create the “reality” that we live in each day are both part of the new curriculum we must master to make this shift.

Spiraling Into the Center leads you to the Doorway to the Universe. Will you step through into a new way of being?

(Available as a pdf download)

Living In the Center—Becoming a Multi-dimensional Being

The material presented here is part of the Mystery School Series and initially was presented as a workshop for people who had completed the Spiraling Into the Center course.

As with all of the information I end up teaching and writing about, spirit calls and I become the scribe as I learn myself.

Here the material comes from a Light Being who devised the curriculum, answered my questions, and assigned homework. Unlike the other workbooks it includes a synchronization of your learning with the moon cycles, taking place over thirteen moons to allow for practice and integration of one lesson before the next is presented. I encourage you to follow this cycle and use the suggested ritual with each lesson.

(Available as a pdf download)

The Practice of Harmony

This book is best used by working with the material in a group where the ideas presented can be talked about with a commitment to integrate them into daily life. While you certainly can begin the work on your own and there is value in doing that, the Pathway to the Stars is ultimately a dance of unity that cannot be fully realized alone. So come together with anyone who is interested in learning to live in a more joyful and loving way on Earth and begin to practice harmony.

(Available as a pdf download)

Entering the Circle of the Soul

Mystery School takes us on a journey to higher consciousness and the embodiment of the divine energy that we are.

This Mystery School course consists of five lessons. Each lesson includes written material for study, a lecture, meditation exercises, homework and questions.

  • Lesson 1 – Circles of Consciousness
  • Lesson 2 – Mastering the Circle of the Mind
  • Lesson 3 – Mastering the Circle of the Heart
  • Lesson 4 – Mastering the Circle of the Soul
  • Lesson 5 – Living from Awareness

(Available as a pdf download with mp3 for each lesson)

Problems are practice

In this Mystery School called life

Dream the solution


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