Grandmothers of the Wind Outline

The Grandmothers

How I met the Grandmothers through a psychic friend and then in a shamanic journey is described. The Grandmothers are introduced and where they are from as well as the format for their teachings is related.

Chapter 1—Shadows

The journey work with Akama, a Scandinavian woman, teaches about the shadow. The first stage of initiation is clearing away the past and either embracing or dissolving the shadow self. The shadow is related to the wheel of the four directions and the four winds.

Chapter 2—Dreamtime

This journey is with an Australian aboriginal woman of long ago, Calama. She teaches about seeing beyond the physical world into the dreamtime and learning to use this vision to gain knowledge and change things.

Chapter 3—The Energy Flow

Che li lan, a woman from ancient China, teaches how to visually assess the energy flow in the body to detect blocks. Blocks can then be removed to restore the energy flow and both emotional and physical health.

Chapter 4—Dreaming Women

Machu Pichu is where the Dreaming Women hold the energy of Earth which connects us to the rest of the universe. Mazra introduces me to the subtle energies of the plants and helps me understand the energy systems of Earth. Our body systems are miniature models of Earth’s systems, which are miniature models of the Universe.

Chapter 5—Heart Bundle

Kanuga, a pre-Seneca woman, takes me with the group of women in the Heron Medicine Society to their sacred ceremonial grounds. Here I was taught about self-healing and how to find the answers for my own healing in my heart bundle.

Chapter 6—Rhythms of Healing

Somewhere near Kenya, Africa, Marumba introduced me to the use of rhythm and dance in the healing process. I experienced the puberty ceremony for young women and was given information about initiation into the wise woman phase as well.

Chapter 7—Good Relationship

A very old woman who appeared to me as White Buffalo Woman energy instructed me in my connection to all things in the circle of life. As part of the process of working with her I created a pipe as a symbol of that connection.

Chapter 8—Community

A woman from what is now Sri Lanka, Tinacu, showed me a working model for community where everyone’s gifts are honored and diversity is highly valued.

Chapter 9—Lessons from the Past

Mariah takes me to a land that existed before Hawaii and shows me how to access past life information which sheds light on my current lifetime. I also retreat to a cave to find guidance for my teaching in this life. The initiation is completed by the Grandmothers in ceremony and they send me off to find my own wisdom.

Chapter 10—Weaving the Wisdom

Creating the Power Through reflections on all that I had learned from the Grandmothers, I develop my wisdom on the topics of physical changes during menopause, creating community, and creating my life.