Living in the Center Details

The lessons lead sequentially to a new view of yourself as a light being in human form. While you may know that this is true on an intellectual level, the material, exercises, and ritual, integrate that knowing into all levels of your being so that you may walk in the world as a being of light. As the vibration of Earth continues to raise to higher frequencies, the shift to viewing yourself as a multidimensional being and learning to operate from these higher frequencies becomes more and more important. It is like learning a spiritual technology that will allow us to create the world we seek and live harmoniously in it.

This workbook can be used in many different ways. Certainly you can work on all the lessons by yourself and instructions have been given for you to be able to do that. You can also use the workbook as the basis of a mentoring relationship with me where we would meet in person, by phone or in cyberspace to discuss each lesson. A powerful alternative would be to meet with a group of people interested in these lessons or even one other person. Many of the rituals were designed as group rituals to be done on the new or full moon. A group would also allow you to discuss the material and exercises that you are working on. Regardless of which of these three methods you use, it would be best to synchronize your work with the moons by beginning the lesson on either the new or full moon as indicated. Even when working alone, your intention and commitment to this course of study will call in the beings of light that assist you in the evolution of your consciousness so you are never really doing it alone.

I wish you a wonder-filled expansion into your Light Body!


Workbook Contents



Introduction—How to use this workbook
Lesson One—Seeing Through New Eyes
New Moon
Lesson Two—Good Relationship
New Moon
Lesson Three—Releasing Limits
New Moon
Lesson Four—Holding the Vibration
New Moon
Lesson Five—Co-Creation
New Moon
Lesson Six—Expanding into the Light Body
New Moon
Lesson Seven—Full Moon Ceremony
Full Moon
Lesson Eight—Individual Use of Energy
Full Moon
Lesson Nine—Use of Energy in Groups
Full Moon
Lesson Ten—Accessing Light Knowledge
Full Moon
Lesson Eleven—Light Body Travel
Full Moon
Lesson Twelve—Healing Self and Others
Full Moon
Lesson Thirteen—Changing Energy Fields
Full Moon