New Moon Rising Reviewer Comments

The voice of women’s experience speaks through this book-voices from the past, from the present, and from the future-calling women everywhere to honor their heritage and their birthright. While this book focuses on honoring the menstrual cycle, at the same time it teaches us to see ourselves as women of value and power who have much wisdom to offer a world which desperately needs our vision. It calls us to claim our power, to become warriors who stand firm in our centers and in our truth. As we reclaim our menstrual rites (and rights), we discover who we really are as women.

—excerpt from the Introduction

Like many current writers, Linda Heron Wind wants us to “reclaim the feminine.” However, what makes this book more interesting than most is her dedication to women’s actual value, rather than simple equality. She issues a radical challenge: “If you really want to get in touch with your truth, write down your feelings just prior to and during your Moontime.” If women did what she is suggesting, the shift of focus alone would create a social revolution.

—Vicki Noble—feminist shaman healer and author of Motherpeace, Shakti Woman, Healing our world, and Down is up for Aaron Eagle.

New Moon Rising should be required reading by every family as a unit. Among Native People the Age of understanding is seven years old and both girls and boys are taught that females are the extensions of Mother Earth and males are their protectors. Males carry their blood for strength. Females shed their blood to strengthen themselves and honor Mother Earth.

—Twylah Hurd Nitsch—Seneca Elder