The Practice of Harmony Details

Our purpose is to bring love and light to Earth

We all have a feeling that there is something important that we must do, some mission to complete in our lives. Often we look for a doing thing, something to accomplish, or a special kind of work. I believe that our most important mission does not involve doing anything. Instead it is a mission of being. Our purpose is to be – to be love, to be light, to be joy, to be peace. It would be easier if it was just something to do. Mastering being is much more difficult for most people who have grown up in a culture of doing. The Practice of Harmony, then, begins with our inner selves and the understanding of how to be.

From Star seeds to Star flowers—it is time

Most people by now have heard of star seeds – the idea that humans are seeded with the essence and knowledge of the stars in this time of awakening. We can also think of them as god seeds in our hearts. Well, the time is ripe for these seeds to grow and flower. We can no longer be just potential; we must bring that potential into full flowering on Earth in our physical bodies at this time. The Practice of Harmony awakens within us these star seeds which will grow into beautiful star flowers.

There is a river of stars that flows through our hearts…

…it is the pathway to the stars and we must walk on it

Sometimes we think of ascension as a process of walking out of this physical reality into higher dimensions. I believe instead that the pathway to the stars is within each of our hearts right here in this beautiful physical world. Ascension is simply walking this pathway into the higher dimensions of consciousness that are already within us.

The Practice of Harmony shows us how to walk the pathway to the stars in each moment of each day. Practicing harmony within us and with everything outside us is how we learn to walk on the pathway to the stars.

Harmony is love made visible

When we practice Harmony inside and out, we move into the vibration of love. Love permeates our consciousness, our thoughts, emotions, physical body and action. There is no part of us that is not love. We allow the divine presence within us to move freely within our lives creating peace, love, joy, and light where ever we go. So we begin on this path of Harmony by focusing on a greater awareness of the inner self – the source of the vibrations we send out into the world. As human beings, we must learn to integrate the four parts of ourselves into wholeness that supports living in a sacred way. When we are fully present for each moment of our lives our choices command the most powerful force in the universe – love. Everything we do, say, think, and feel moves from love. We are love.

Pathway to the Stars: Workbook

This workbook is offered as a beginning place for practicing harmony in your life. While you can work with the material on your own or with a friend, the material is designed to be shared in Star Circles. When we come together in groups to work on harmony within ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and the universe, we are walking the Star knowledge onto Earth through our own lives. Star Circles are places that we can practice the principles of good community with others that share the same knowledge base. I think of Star Circles as starseeds beginning to flower on earth, ushering in peace and love.

The material is divided into four parts – harmony within, harmony in relationships, harmony in community, and harmony with the universe. Each part has stories, principles, metaphors, examples, and exercises. The section on Star Circles at the end gives some suggestions of how you can use this workbook in a group of people who wish to practice harmony together. A CD is also available that contains the songs, instructions for dances, and meditations that are given in each section.

By practicing these principles in your everyday life, you will develop mastery of yourself and your ability to embody the magnificence of all that you are. This, I believe, is the purpose of this Mystery School in which we are all enrolled called life. I send you blessings for the journey.