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Calendar of Events: Group and Individual Work

Calendar of Transformational Circles, Workshops and Retreats


A WOMEN’S RETREAT – Real-eyes-ing Conscious Kinship
led by Linda Heron Wind and Beth Garrigus
October 6-8, 2017
at the Light on the Hill Retreat Center in Van Etten, NY

“I became aware of a swirling motion, a stream of energy that was moving slowly around the lodge. It hovered just above the hard-packed ground. It was neither of the ground nor of the air, but from a dimension between the two; its energy smooth and gentle as it flowed between us. It felt nurturing, a form of generosity or love. Sitting there, I realized that its presence had to do with our presence, with the fact that were together there. Its soft sweeping power, a wide river–nourishing, protective, and complete…”
Pansy Hawk Wing

As many of us have experienced at Light on the Hill, there is a presence in the land that is “praying back;” that is wanting to support us as, in collaboration with the Earth and with all of our relations, we strengthen the “stream of energy” that is flowing between us, the beautiful web of light that is holding and nurturing the earth with the unconditional love of the Divine Feminine. This year’s retreat is an invitation to join us in this sacred place
and time as we strive to live our conscious kinship

The Web of Light

 Time: Arrive Friday, Oct 6 between 4 and 6pm Leave: Sunday, Oct 8 at 4pm
Total Cost: includes lodging and vegetarian meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.  See options for lodging below.  A deposit of $150 will hold your space.  Remainder by Sept. 1.  *Register early as the limit is 39 women.
$340 single room in the lodge (18 spaces available)
$320 double room in the lodge (8 spaces available)
$280 Breakout room in Lodge – cot (3 spaces available)
$300 single room in cottage – (2 spaces available)
$280 double room in cottage – (6 spaces available)
$270 double room in retreat hut – (2 spaces available)
(Choice of space will be available on a first come first choice basis and assigned at the time the $150 deposit is paid.)

Mystery School

MYSTERY SCHOOL CIRCLES – Living in the 5th Dimension

Held in Victor, NY

Small groups of 8 or 9 will explore living in the 5th dimension of consciousness through meditation, discussion, and other experiential exercises. 6:30-8:30 Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings usually twice a month (once in summer). Sign up by emailing  A few spaces are open.

What participants are saying about Mystery School Work!

For many years I had suffered from recurrent depressions. I had tried many treatments including medication, exercise, support groups, writing and attending mental health workshops and conferences in addition to having a strong support system of family and friends. Since I have attended Heron’s circle and started a daily practice of meditation, I have found a new way to live my life. She shares not only her wisdom but also techniques through group sessions and readings. I always knew there was a pathway to find peace and joy, true faith and abundant love, but did not know how to get there. She has shown me the way. I have not experienced any deep depression since I started my work with her and I can honestly say my life has been transformed. – Diana

The Mystery School Circle has been wonderful for me. It is a safe and loving place to share my inner most thoughts and know that I am among like-minded people who can help me understand them. We can expand on and share each others thoughts, ideas, and energies, while being guided by Heron and her wisdom. The exercises help my go deeper in understanding my self and the world I live in. I always leave there feeling honored, loved, and energized to share my spirituality with others. – Suzy

My experience with Mystery School Circle goes way beyond words. In the last few years of taking this course, I have grown, evolved and advanced in areas of my life, I never thought possible. It has definitely been an intricate part of my Spiritual Path. I am forever grateful to Linda for offering this gift. She is an amazing teacher and Spiritual Mentor. – Nicole

I LOVE our Mystery School Circle. Heron’s wisdom, teachings and creativity allow me to explore, discover/uncover more of myself at deeper levels. It has affected my life in so many ways…. most of all, the freedom to be open and aware of Spirit and the blessings that are always present and to be able to use them in a way that is positive and uplifting. I have known Heron for many years and have watched and been a part of her continuing evolution and growth in her work she does for herself and others. I am grateful and blessed. – Janet

The Mystery School Circle gives me a place to grow and remember who I am. Circle members share their personal and spiritual experiences, struggles and triumphs. This loving, supportive forum has opened my eyes and heart to the vision of all possibilities. Circle members join me on the illuminated path of awakened potential that leads to a bold life of service and joy. – Rebecca

If you are interested in participating, you can call 585-924-5620 or email Heron at

Did you not sign up
for this amazing journey
Commit to your Self!


Individual Sessions

Heron works in individual sessions to address life challenges and facilitate the transformational process. She uses a variety of tools including meditation, shamanic journeying, dialog, experiential exercises, story telling and practice to help individuals release old patterns and step into a more authentic experience of their lives.