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New Moon Newsletter 5/28/14

Here we are at the New Moon again and if finally feels like we have moved into spring and blossoming! Signs are everywhere of new growth – both in the flowering of Earth and the flowering of people’s consciousness. I am hearing so many stories of awakening and beauty, and I am sure that there will be many more to come. Of course there are the stories of folks falling apart too, but sometimes that needs to happen to come together in a different way. When you look out at the world now, try to focus on what is growing rather than on all the things that are no longer working and falling away. What is growing is love and a new, more authentic way to be.

What is blossoming
In the wildness of your heart?
Love, joy, and kindness.

How Do You See the World?

Have you ever suddenly seen something that was there all along but was invisible to you up until the point that you looked at it? It is the nature of perception that we usually see what we expect to see and we only hear what we expect to hear. As we negotiate this time of unprecedented change, it is important to remember that the world is as we see it. That said, we can ask ourselves what we would like to see in the world. Our expectations can only reproduce the past so if you would like to see something different, you need to become aware of the expectations that lurk in your mind and practice seeing something different.

When I work with people on transforming their lives, I often hear them say something like, “People always ….” or “I will never …..” The words ‘always’ and ‘never’ are sure indications that you have an expectation going. With those statements you are giving the universe a recipe for how you wish the world to be. And so it is. Perhaps you watch the news and you conclude that people just don’t care about other people anymore. I might watch the same news and think that love and kindness is blossoming everywhere. Which of us is correct? Both – we would just be living in different worlds!
When we look out into the world we are looking into the void of all possibilities. From that we choose the world we live in – either unconsciously through our expectations or consciously through choice. None of us are totally free of those expectations that we have lived with our whole lives, but one by one, we can begin to change them. Our brains have been drawing conclusions from the time we were born about how things are in the world. Deepak Chopra refers to these as premature cognitive commitments. He gives the example of fly eggs hatched in a jar with a top on it. Later you can take the top off the jar but the flies stay in the jar. When they first flew that was as far as they could go. Most of our conclusions are seriously limited as well.

We can escape the ‘jars’ that we were all raised in by challenging the expectations that we have about the world, our selves, and each other. If you catch yourself in an expectation, you can choose to tell yourself a different story about how the world is. I choose to believe that love is what everyone wants and what everyone can give whether they are aware of it or not. And that there is a massive awakening going on in the world that will reform our world and everything in it through love.

So when I look I see love or the need for love. What else is there to see?

See with your heart eyes
That beauty and love abound
Everywhere you look

The physical eyes
See only the illusion
Look behind the scenes!

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