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The Path of Transformation 12/21/15

New Moon on the Winter Solstice this year! A double dose of new beginnings and a time to revision who you are and how you want to live your precious life. In the midst of unprecedented change, we are given the opportunity to choose in the moment from a higher place – freed from past habits, beliefs, and drama. Choose from what is here right now, not from what has been or what might be. That is the mastery of choice and our ticket to higher dimensions of existence!

Choose from the present
Free from illusion’s control
Guided by the Heart

Living in the Place of No Story

It seems like we are being moved at warp speed to another level of consciousness. The old stories that limit the possibilities in our lives are revealing themselves to us in ways we can no longer try to ignore. Know that such a story is present when we are frustrated, anxious, fearful, angry, and sad. The stories that create those feelings come from a very limited place within us – the small ego-self that is mind and thought based. While that part of us was needed at one point in our lives to keep us safe, it is not big enough or free enough to lead us into the level of consciousness that is rising up now.

We are being called more than ever before to live in the present – the doorway to heart consciousness. Living from the heart is very different than living from the mind. The mind loves its stories – all of which have a past and a future. It talks incessantly arousing hurts from the past and fears of the future. The heart, on the other hand, is story-less. It is simply present in compassionate, connected observation. It is without language but with deep feelings of joy, peace, and love.

Whether you tune in your mind or your heart is a little like asking which channel you wish to watch on TV. When you are not present, you simply watch whatever channel is already playing – usually some drama your mind is spinning. When you are present, you can direct your focus to your heart, to a feeling sense of your body, your surroundings, expanding to connect with it all. This tunes the channel of the heart and the present. When you fill your mind with the present – are mindful – the languaging stops and a potent silence fills the space within you. In that silence arises the vibration of joy, peace, and love.

We tend to experience this state easier when we are mindful in nature or in meditation. Now we are being asked to live from this place as we move throughout our day and deal with whatever situations arise. That takes a little more practice to hold true to the heart channel when there are many other channels playing. Yet from that place of heart consciousness life proceeds with ease. Solutions to problems abound and the world around you supports your visions and dreams.
So when the going gets rough and the mind is immersed in its favorite stories, choose to change the channel!

Channel of the Heart
Peaceful, easy, and loving
Mastering presence

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