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The Path of Transformation 3/30/14

This is the second New Moon this month. I am watching the geese in the creek flapping their wings at the snow falling on this nice spring day – already a foot with more coming down. I suppose to the geese it is just another day as they look for the green shoots to appear again. For us it is easy to miss the beauty in the frigid whiteness of it all, since all we have seen here in the Northeast for the last four months is frigid whiteness. Yet it reflects, perhaps, the frigid and frozen places within ourselves that are seeking the warmth of the sun and movement of the melting water flowing to source. The question that arises is why we are still clearing when it feels like we have been releasing old stuff forever!

Spring snows reflect the frozen places
Needing the warm sunlight to melt
And flow into new growth
That waits for my heart-felt attention

How Can There Be MORE to Clear?
I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been clearing old patterns all my life. Just when I feel like I have made some progress, that pattern pops up again in a more subtle form. I have to remind myself that I am not just clearing my own personal patterns but the patterns of humanity over thousands of years. This helps me not to be discouraged when those patterns present themselves one more time!
We are truly living between the worlds right now – or between dimensions. The third dimension that I was born into is quickly passing away and being replaced by the fourth dimension. We can feel the energies of this new dimension intensifying our lives and the weather as we are in the throws of birthing this new world. Our children and grandchildren have shifted to less dense bodies yet still struggle as we do with the clash of worlds.
The focus of the third dimension was learning to choose wisely. Putting it in more practical terms – learning to choose ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that support what we know to be true. That of course means that we would not be choosing those old patterns that are in opposition to what we know – thus, the multiple clearings of these patterns. The focus of the fourth dimension is love and unity. We can see it emerging but still need to clear the path for its full awakening and that path is in each of us.
I love how the Earth, weather, astrological alignments, and our everyday challenges are all collaborating to help us clear these old patterns – after all collaboration is a fourth dimensional process! I was just reading about an interesting occurrence called a tetrad of lunar eclipses. It seems that this year and next there will be four total lunar eclipses about six months apart, all visible from the USA. This is a very unusual alignment. Since eclipses are powerful times of clearing – eclipsing old patterns out of your life – it appears that we are entering into a two-year period of MORE clearing. The first eclipse is on April 15th. It begins at 2am EDT with the Moon being totally in the shadow of the Earth by 3am. At that time the Moon will be red.
A lunar eclipse where the shadow of the Earth passes over the Moon is an opportunity for us to clear the shadow side that suppresses the feminine. For us to move fully into the fourth dimension we must bring the feminine into balance with the masculine. So look for the ways your feminine side is suppressed by your masculine side, and clear them on this eclipse. The feminine is all about compassion and connection while the masculine wants to focus more on doing and reaching outer goals. Listen to what the feminine wants you to know – she wants to be heard!
The rest of the total lunar eclipses in this series are on October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. I should also mention that there is a solar eclipse on April 29 that is not visible in the USA. Solar eclipses are about balancing masculine energy as the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun.
So I guess that we need to give up complaining about all the clearing and just be grateful for being here at this amazing time of change – as Earth shifts into the fourth dimension and the outdated structure of our civilization as well as our individual lives gives way to more enlightened ways. This is nicely summed up by an old Native American prayer:

I think over again
my small adventures, my fears,
those small ones that seem so big.

For all the vital things
I had to get and to reach,
and yet
there’s only one great thing,
the only thing,

to live to see
the great day that dawns
and the light that fills the world.

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