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When doubting arises, I think of what the tree said
the other day when I was walking.
It was a large tree that had started to fall
apparently weakened at its base
caught by two younger trees now bent with its weight
and an older one that supports only its crown.
I stood quietly observing the way she rested so peacefully
in the arms of her sisters.
No need to apologize for the weakness that put her there
or her heavy weight that they had chosen to bear.
Her sigh was audible
as they all swayed in the wind together,
rocking the cradle of love they created for her.
When my circumstances cause me to doubt myself and
where I am in my life at this moment,
I recall this tree’s whispered words,
“What is, simply is. No need to question why.
Just be with what is in all your glory!”
Her presence is not less because of this circumstance
nor is she embarrassed about her weakness.
Her beauty still shines and
she continues to pass on wisdom
from her reclined position in the forest,
gracefully accepting what is.

Linda Heron Wind

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