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The Path of Transformation 3/1/14

Each month on the New Moon I will be sending out a newsletter with information and inspiration for the transformational journey. You are receiving this because you are someone I see as being a transformer – one who changes the world by changing yourself. As we move through this amazing time together, we flow into greater levels of love, light, and joy in our moment-to-moment experience of life on Earth. A song that came to me recently from spirit is the invitation to join together in this evolutionary journey.

Hear the song of the breeze
As it dances through the trees
Feel the Earth touched by Sun
The time of Love has begun
As the ocean meets the sand
Reach out now and take my hand
Our hearts are joined as one
Children of the Earth and Sun

What is Transformation?
Transformation is a process of changing forms. It happens whether we are aware or unaware of its presence in our life. Sometimes it happens very quickly – like “We are not in Kansas anymore” – but more often it happens gradually and can only be detected by stopping to review where you were before compared to where you are now. Sometimes we see it as an external process that changes the form of things in our world and sometimes we detect the subtle changes in our inner structure – how we think, feel, and experience life. The two are related – outer and inner – mirrors of each other.
There are two parts to the transformational process. We could think of it as the balance of structure and flow. We create structures in our lives, both outside – the places we live, jobs, health, appearances, relationships – and inside – beliefs, stories, identities, history, dreams. Then flow happens and these structures start to change – sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. New structures then form. It is a process of letting go and creating – much like nature does as the seasons change.
While we are in the structure portion of this process we often feel secure and when flow begins we can become fearful and resistant to letting go. Resistance causes us a lot of pain and suffering that letting go can alleviate. My recent experience with this is in thinking that I knew what the next phase of my work would be. Since I have been involved over the last few years with creating Transformational Circles where folks can work together to use spiritual tools to shift their consciousness and their lives, I thought I was moving into more advanced levels of that work. In a way I am but not how I thought it would be.
I thought I had the structure but then flow entered as a message from spirit that I needed to work with women’s empowerment. Well, resistance popped up immediately in the form of – “been there, done that, and I’m not going back to do it again!” I really had to work hard at letting go and allowing the flow to move the structure around into a new configuration within me. But when I surrendered and allowed, being thankful for the guidance, new structure formed.
Now I can feel the energy flowing into a new level of women’s empowerment – the feminine path to enlightenment – and I have received lots of confirmation in the form of synchronicities that this is the path. And it is a more advanced level of the work that I have been doing all along. Stay tuned for more information on how this is developing!
So where are you in the transformational process? Are you letting go of form and embracing the flow or are you allowing the flow to create new form? Wherever you are, try not to resist the process. Join hands with all of us on the journey and be at ease. Ease comes from allowing the inspiration to flow effortlessly through you into action and change. After all, isn’t change what we came here for?

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